Graziano and Raulin (8th ed)Graziano & Raulin
Research Methods (8th edition)

WEB Links to Topics
Covered in Chapter 10

Listed below are several links to Web sites that include information about topics covered in this chapter. We will be periodically updating this list to keep it fresh and interesting. If you know of a good site on a topic of relevance to this chapter, we would appreciate hearing about it. Contact Mike Raulin with your suggestions. We will be sure to give you credit for suggesting high quality sites in future updates.

Research Design

Dissertation Proposal Workshop
A practically oriented site from the University of California at Berkeley for people who are planning to conduct a research project.

Institutional Review Board Guidebook: Consideration of Research Design
This gives you insights into how and why the research design is an ethical issue to be considered by the IRB. This manual is published by the Health and Human Services Administration of the federal government.

Choose Your Research Methods Wisely
A feature of the gradPSYCH portion of the APA website. This is geared to helping graduate students in psychology navigate grad school and prepare for careers in psychology.

Research Design Lessons
A series of downloadable lessons on various topics of research design, courtesy of Dr. Karl L. Wuensch of the Department of Psychology at East Carolina University.

Quantitative Research Design
A discussion of quantitative research methods.