Graziano and Raulin (8th ed)Graziano & Raulin
Research Methods (8th edition)

Resources for Appendix D

D:01 The Decision-Tree Flowchart

This unit provides a copy of the decision-tree flowchart.

D:02 Functional Decision-Tree Flowchart

This functional decision-tree flowchart walks you through the steps of selecting a statistical procedure and links you to the instructions for the computational procedures.

D:03 Additional Examples of Using the Decision-Tree Flowchart

This unit provides additional examples that use the decision-tree flowchart.

D:04 Exercises Using the Decision-Tree Flowcharts

This unit provides exercises that use the decision-tree flowcharts to select appropriate statistical analyses.

D:05 Post Hoc Tests and Planned Comparisons

This unit describes the logic and procedures for conducting planned comparisons and post hoc tests.


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