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WEB Links to Topics
Covered in Chapter 2

Listed below are several links to Web sites that include information about topics covered in this chapter. We will be periodically updating this list to keep it fresh and interesting. If you know of a good site on a topic of relevance to this chapter, we would appreciate hearing about it. Contact Mike Raulin with your suggestions. We will be sure to give you credit for suggesting high quality sites in future updates.

Scientific Theory

Theory & Psychology
Theory & Psychology is a quarterly journal devoted to work with a broader meta-theoretical intent, examining such issues as the conceptual frameworks and foundations of psychology, its historical underpinnings, its relation to other human sciences, its methodological commitments, its ideological assumptions and its political and institutional contexts.

Scientific Theory
An extended discussion of issues surrounding scientific theories from Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia.

B.F. Skinner

A brief summary of behaviorism and some of the key figures in behaviorism from Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia.

Behaviorist Theory
A brief overview of the role that John Watson played in establishing the principles of behaviorist theory..

Extensive coverage of topics relevant to behaviorism and psychotherapy.

Behaviorists for Social Responsibility
A group of behaviorists who wish to integrate behavioral principles into such issues as social justice, human rights, and environmental action.

Paul E. Meehl

Paul Meehl Curriculum Vita
This page references Dr. Meehl's curriculum vita. The site is maintained by his widow and collaborator, Leslie Yonce. This site also includes copies of many of Dr. Meehl's publications. 

Construct Validity in Psychological Tests
A classic article by Paul Meehl.

On the Distinction between Hypothetical Constructs and Intervening Variables
A classic article by Paul Meehl.

Paul Meehl and the Evolution of Statistical Methods in Psychology
An article by James Steiger, which was published in Applied and Preventive Psychology.

Electronic Communication and Online Journals

New Jour
A listing of electronic journal available on the Internet.

Electronic Journals in Psychology
A comprehensive list of psychology journals that are available online.
This site provides links to electronic journals across a wide range of disciplines.

A list of over 2000 psychology-related journals that are available online.


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