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Research Methods (9th edition)

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Throughout the text, we illustrate concepts with real examples taken from the psychological research literature. In the name of brevity, we usually provide only sketchy details of the research, its purpose, and what it has contributed to our understanding of psychological phenomena. Since the examples are often at least as interesting as the research methods concepts, we have provided links to additional resources on topics covered in the text.

We have organized these links by chapter. Since some topics are covered in more than one chapter, we have provided links to those topics within each chapter in which they are covered. Some topics have so many links that they have their own page (e.g., autism). We will be updating these links periodically, eliminating links that are no longer current and adding new links to interesting topics. You can help with this process. If you discover a WEB site that covers a topic relevant to this textbook, e-mail Mike Raulin with the relevant information. We will check it out and possibly add it to our next update. Be sure to give us your name and university affiliation because we would like to give credit to you for helping to expand this student resource. We encourage both students and faculty to make suggestions for additional WEB sites. We would especially like to hear from faculty who have created their own relevant WEB sites and resources.

To follow WEB links to topics covered in the text, start by clicking on the chapter number below in which the topic is covered. The links for each chapter are on a separate page, with brief descriptions of their content.

Chapter 1 Curiosity, Creativity, and Commitment

Chapter 2 Research is a Process of Inquiry

Chapter 3 Asking Questions

Chapter 4 Data and the Nature of Measurement

Chapter 5 Statistical Analysis of Data

Chapter 6 Naturalistic and Case-Study Research

Chapter 7 Correlational and Differential Methods of Research

Chapter 8 Hypothesis Testing, Validity, and Threats to Validity

Chapter 9 Controls to Reduce Threats to Validity

Chapter 10 Single-Variable, Independent-Groups Designs

Chapter 11 Correlated-Groups and Single-Subject Designs

Chapter 12 Factorial Designs

Chapter 13 A Second Look at Research in Natural Settings