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Research Methods (9th edition)

Supplemental Resources

To supplement the material in the Graziano and Raulin text, we have added supporting information that you may find interesting and helpful. We have organized the information into several broad headings as shown below. To find out more about what is available in each of these categories, click on the heading name.

History of Science

This unit supplements the brief history of science and psychology that was presented in Chapter 1.

Examples of Research

This unit provides examples from the research literature of the various designs in actual use.

Random Number Generator Program

This unit provides a program that will randomly select participants and/or assign them to groups.

New Material

This unit lists new material developed for the next edition of the text, but made available to instructors and students as soon as it is written.


Despite enormous efforts to avoid errors in a text, occasionally they will slip by. This unit lists the errors that have been found. If the error is in the textbook, we simply list the error and the correction. If the error was on the website, we correct the website material, but list the error for anyone who might have already accessed the incorrect material. If you spot an error, please email Mike Raulin about it so that it can be posted for other students and instructors.

Help Menu

This unit lists the available help menu items to aid students in the navigation of the website. There are also content-specific help buttons (labeled Specific Help) that can be accessed from specific pages of the website.

Copyright Notice

This unit lists the copyright restrictions on the website material. Like the text, all material on the website is copyright protected.