Ninth Edition CoverGraziano & Raulin
Research Methods (9th edition)

Statistical Resources

This website provides an extensive set of statistical resources for students and faculty. Although psychological statistics and research methods have traditionally been taught separately (a throwback to the time when stat courses were only taught in math departments), these two courses are increasingly integrated in psychology department curricula. 

Our statistical coverage allows instructors to integrate the coverage of statistics to whatever degree the instructor wishes. We have broken down the resources into three broad categories.

Statistical Analysis

The section includes tutorials on both the manual computation of statistical test and the use of SPSS for Windows to do those computations. Also included are the required tables to interpret the manual computations.

Statistical Concepts

The statistical concepts section covers the logic or statistical analysis. When combined with the statistical analysis material, these two tutorials come close to covering the core material in a standard undergraduate text in psychological statistics.

Functional Flowchart System

We also inc lude a flowchart system for selecting the appropriate statistical procedures based on the characteristics of the research study. We have implemented that flowchart system into a functional format, which is linked to the instructions on how to perform each of the suggested statistical procedures. This puts all of the statistical information of this website at your fingertips.