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Research Methods (9th edition)

Instructor's Resources

Last Updated: January 15, 2021

We have created a number of resources to make your task as instructor easier. We will briefly describe each of them and how to obtain them.

Instructor's Manual and Computerized Test-Item File

We have prepared an Instructor's Manual and a computerized test-item file to simplify the work of instructors. The Instructor's Manual provides organizes all of the resources available to instructors. It provides a brief overview of each chapter and a detailed outline to facilitate the development of lectures. It also provides ideas for lecture and discussion topics and a list of background readings. The Chapter-at-a-Glance tables lists the topics of each chapter and the 

We have provided almost 2500 multiple-choice items as part of a computerized test-item file. Most of these items have been field tested, and all are keyed to the textbook for quick reference. Creating high-quality tests is easy with this system. 

If you have adopted the text for your course, contact your Allyn & Bacon representative or, if you do not know the name of your Allyn & Bacon representative, visit the publisher's web site to identify the Allyn & Bacon sales representative for your department ( The sales representative can provide instructor access to these resources.

PowerPoint Lectures

We have prepared basic PowerPoint lectures to facilitate preparation of your lecture material. For those who may be unfamiliar with PowerPoint, this is a program that is part of the Microsoft Office Package (also sold individually). With PowerPoint, you can create very professional looking slides in a matter of minutes. You can easily modify the slides, because they exist as a computer file. You can insert new slide that you create, modify current slides, move the slides around, change the slide format and background, all with very little effort. 

If you want, you can have the graphics specialists at your university make 35 mm slides or color overheads, but by far the easiest is to have the computer project the slides for you. Check with your audiovisual specialists to find out if this capability is available at your university. You may need to request that your class be taught in a technology equipped classroom. When we first provided PowerPoint lectures for this textbook, such classrooms were rare, but now they are routine.

Finally, you can easily printout handouts of your slides for distribution to students. Handouts make it easier for students to follow the lecture, because students spend less time writing down the details and more time listening to you.

These PowerPoint lectures can be downloaded from the Instructor's Resources website. Your Allyn & Bacon representative can show instructors how to access this website.

The lectures contain the basics of the material covered in the text. You can easily expand the lectures to include topics not covered in the text, delete material you want to skip over, or change the coverage to suit your style. Our goal is not to structure your course, but rather to reduce your workload.

Finally, we have structured the PowerPoint lecture files so that the beginning of the file provides the basic lecture material for the chapter, while the end of the file has supplementary material that Instructors may want to insert into the lectures or delete, depending on the instructor's interests.

Consultation with the Authors

This text has benefited enormously from the ideas and questions raised by the instructors who are using the text. We not only welcome such interaction, but encourage it. Feel free to email either or both of us at any time if you have questions about the material in the text or on the website. Thank you for selecting this text for your class.

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