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Research Methods (9th edition)

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This site provides pedagogical support and supplementary information to enhance the learning experience of students using the Seventh Edition (2010) of Graziano and Raulin's Research Methods textbook. It consists of more than a dozen major sections, with the sections massively interconnected so that students can quickly find any resource that is needed.

Main Menu

The main menu is part of the header for the site. It accesses the major sections of the website, sometimes accessing critical sections from multiple locations. The structure is shown below.

Chapter Resources

Study Resources






Secondary Menu

The footer of the website includes a secondary menu, in which the individual sections are accessible with a single mouse click. These sections include:

Chapter Resources

The Chapter Resources menu item organizes the hundreds of individual resources on the website by chapter, so that students can access the support items as they work their way through the text one chapter at a time. The student need not remember in which chapter each resource was introduced because any resource can be accessed from the Index.

Study Guide/Lab Manual

The Study Guide/Lab Manual provides structured study resources to help students move from mastering the new terms, to mastering the concepts, to applying the concepts, to developing the hands-on skills necessary to conduct research. Each chapter has the following sections.

  • Chapter Summary
  • List of Key Terms (with direct link to the glossary)
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Questions
  • True/False Questions
  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Essay Questions
  • Lab Manual
    • Brief Skills Exercises
    • Extended Skill Sections as appropriate
  • Suggested Readings

The Study Guide/Lab Manual is accessible through either the Chapter Resources or Study Resources menu items. There are Study Guide/Lab Manual chapters for all 13 chapters of the text.


The Index contains over 500 direct links to material on the site, with many resources referenced under multiple names to make things easy to find.