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Research Methods (9th edition)

WEB Links to Topics
Covered in Chapter 3

Listed below are several links to Web sites that include information about topics covered in this chapter. We will be periodically updating this list to keep it fresh and interesting. If you know of a good site on a topic of relevance to this chapter, we would appreciate hearing about it. Contact Mike Raulin with your suggestions. We will be sure to give you credit for suggesting high quality sites in future updates.

Recovered Memories Controversy

Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse: Scientific Research & Scholarly Resources
A listing of resource material both on and off the Web dealing with this topic.

The Skeptic's Dictionary Discussion of Repressed Memory and Related Topics
This source provides an overview of the controversy, complete with links to sources on both sides of the controversy.

Recovered Memory Therapy
This site promotes religious tolerance. The fact that it decided to address recovered memory therapy indicates that at least some people view this approach as being quasi-religious in its approach and fervor. 

Recovered Memories of Abuse
Describes a book by Kenneth Pope and Laura Brown on the controversial topic. (Published by the American Psychological Association)

Recovered Memories Cross the Oceans
A Skeptical Enquirer article on the topic.

The Reality of Repressed Memories
An American Psychologist article by Elizabeth Loftus, one of the most respected memory researchers and an outspoken critic of recovered memory therapies.

Repressed Memories
From a Guide to Psychology and Its Practice, this site discusses what we know and don't know about repressed memories.

Memory and Reality
This site covers many of the controversies of this area. The fact that it is the site of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation suggests on which side of the controversy this site falls. This organization was formed by some of the first people who were falsely accused of sexual abuse of children.

Autistic Children

Extended List of Links to this topic

Learned Helplessness and Depression

Learned Helplessness
From a site called This is a War, which covers a wide range of psychological disorders and what we have learned about the causes and treatment of those disorders.

Learned Helplessness
Discussion of learned helplessness in Wikipedia.

Learned Helplessness Forum
Home page for the Learned Helplessness Forum--an e-mail discussion list on this topic.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory
From Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia. The discussion is linked to a dozen related topics.

What is Chaos?
An online interactive course by Dr. Matthew A. Trump at the University of Texas at Austin.

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences
This is the major organization devoted to studying the implications of chaos theory in psychology.

Chaos Theory
This site provides an interactive online course on chaos theory.

MS DOS and Windows Software
Describes a number of Chaos Theory software programs, many of which can be downloaded free.

Research Ethics

American Psychological Association
The APA publishes ethical guidelines for both human and animal research.

Do No Harm
Site sponsored by the Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics.

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Human Subjects Research in Cyberspace
Increasingly, the Internet is used as a vehicle for gathering data on human behavior. This site discusses some of the ethical issues associated with such research.