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Research Methods (9th edition)

WEB Links to Topics
Covered in Chapter 6

Listed below are several links to Web sites that include information about topics covered in this chapter. We will be periodically updating this list to keep it fresh and interesting. If you know of a good site on a topic of relevance to this chapter, we would appreciate hearing about it. Contact Mike Raulin with your suggestions. We will be sure to give you credit for suggesting high quality sites in future updates.

Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin
A brief history of his life and achievements.
This site is devoted exclusively to Darwin. It describes both the man and the scientist.

Charles Darwin Foundation
An extensive site that celebrates Darwin's life by focusing on conservation issues.

Charles Darwin
Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia. Discussion of Darwin, with links to many related topics.

The Origin of Species
The complete book by Charles Darwin. This text laid out the logic of evolutionary theory and the data Darwin had already collected to support the theory.

Origin of Species (6th Edition)
Darwin continued to revise his book on evolution as more and more data became available. This is the final edition of the text.

The Voyage of the Beagle
The complete version of the book by Charles Darwin. This book details Darwin's data-gathering trip on the HMS Beagle that provided him with the raw material for his theory of evolution.

The Descent of Man
Yet another critical book written by Darwin.

A Science Hero
Brief description of Darwin's accomplishments and its impact on science.

Charles Darwin: The Truth?
This site discusses the many influences on the breakthrough book, The Origins of Species.

Jane Goodall

A brief biographical sketch.

Jane Goodall
Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia. Discussion of Goodall, with links to many related topics. There is an interesting discussion included regarding a controversy over a Far Side cartoon that referred to Goodall.

Archive of active newsgroup discussion of Goodall and her work.

The Jane Goodall Institute
This site promotes the conservation efforts that Dr. Goodall supported.

Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees
A PBS site devoted to Jane Goodall.

Love Canal

Love Canal Collection
An  archive created by the State University of New York at Buffalo library of information about the love canal, including extensive newspaper clippings and links to other sites. Probably the best single source for researchers on this topic. Adeline Levine was a faculty member at Buffalo when she did her groundbreaking work on the Love Canal disaster. 

Love Canal at 25
Another resource site created by the SUNY at Buffalo library, which involves a retrospective look at the Love Canal incident and its long-term implications.

EPA History: Love Canal
This site is sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who took a lead in the cleanup of the Love Canal.

Learning from Love Canal: A 20th Anniversary Retrospective 
A thoughtful retrospective on the Love Canal tragedy. It was written by Lois Gibbs, who lived in the Love Canal area and took a leadership role in rallying residents to force the Federal government to acknowledge the problem and then to do something about it.

David Rosenhan

On Being Sane in Insane Places
An overview of Rosenhan's famous study.

Classic Studies: What's normal?
A critical review of Rosenhan's study, with a look at other information that casts doubt on Rosenhan's conclusions.

Abnormal Psychology
The popular textbook co-written with Martin Seligman and Elaine Walker. Dr. Seligman was one of the confederates in Rosenhan's study.


Sigmund Freud on the Web
Background on Freud and his theories from multiple web sources.

Sigmund Freud
A collection of resources on Freud and his ideas.

The Structure of the Unconscious
An essay written by Sigmund Freud.

Freud Museum
The web site of the Freud Museum in London.

Burying Freud
A discussion of the weaknesses of psychoanalytic theory.

Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget Society
The website of the Society for the Study of Knowledge and Development.

Funderstanding Piaget
A wonderfully written account of Piaget's ideas that is meant for children.

The Time 100
Time Magazine listed Piaget as one of the 100 most influential scientists and thinkers in 1999.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

About Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Brief overview about this puzzling disorder.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about BDD.

Unobtrusive Measurement

Unobtrusive Measures
Overview of the use of unobtrusive measures in research.

Using Unobtrusive Measurement in Research
This page discusses the advantages of using unobtrusive measures.

Unobtrusive Measures and Official Statistics
An outline of unobtrusive measures and how they can be gathered and used.

Assessing Nonformal Environmental Education: Unobtrusive Data Collection
A brief article detailing available resources for researchers interested in using unobtrusive methods.

Unobtrusive Methods in Social Science Research
The introduction to a book devoted to the topic.