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Research Methods (9th edition)

Margaret Floy Washburn (1871-1939) graduated from Vassar, but was denied admission to graduate study at Columbia, because she was a woman. She would be allowed to take courses, but only unofficially, and thus would not be awarded a graduate degree, even if she were to complete all requirements. 

However, Cornell did accept women, and she became Titchener’s first graduate student and the first woman to earn a doctorate in psychology. Shortly after graduating, she joined the faculty at Vassar, where she remained throughout her career.  

Washburn was a structuralist, in Titchener’s tradition. Her publications were in imagery, perception, social empathy, and helping behavior. Her text, The Animal Mind (1908), became the standard in the field and was revised several times. 

Washburn’s research was so highly regarded that she was elected to the National Academy of Sciences (the first female psychologist to receive that honor). In 1921, Washburn was elected to the presidency of the American Psychological Association.

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