Ninth Edition CoverGraziano & Raulin
Research Methods (9th edition)

How to Use the Textbook Website

The Student Resource Website was designed to complement and extend the material in the Graziano and Raulin Research Methods textbook. Many of the resources are keyed to specific chapters in the text. Others are available for specific tasks, such as writing a research paper or conducting a library research project. Listed below are a few helpful hints to make this website easy to use and helpful in your course and beyond.

Navigating the Website

The Table of Contents can be found on the left hand side of the screen.  You will find it helpful in navigating to most of the resources on the website, but if you are looking for a specific item and cannot remember where it is, you may want to use the Index (listed twice, near the top and near the bottom of the Table of Contents).

Changing the Size of the Font

Depending on the size of the screen and the quality of your eyes, you may want to make the size of the font larger or smaller. A larger font will be easier to see, but a smaller font will fit more information on a single screen. If you are using Internet Explorer, you change the font size by clicking on the View Menu and then clicking on Font Size. Similar procedures can change the font size in Netscape or Foxfire.

Help Menu

You can access the help menu from the Table of Contents. There are also context-sensitive help buttons, labeled SPECIFIC HELP, that can be found in various sections of the website.

 We hope that you find this Student Resource Website helpful and that it enhances your overall learning experience.