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Research Methods (9th edition)

Reference List
(Monograph and Journal
Supplement Articles)

On occasion, journals will publish extended articles, usually as a supplement to the normal publication. They can be published as a special issue of the journal, as a single article issue, or as an extended article in a normal issue of the journal. These extended articles are referred to as supplements or monographs and are referenced as shown below.

Details of Format

The format for listing a monograph is to list (1) the author(s), (2) the year of publication, (3) the monograph title, (4) the name and volume number of the journal, which should be italicized, and (5) page or issue information. 

The way the page or issue information is presented will depend on whether the monograph is an entire issue or whether it is an extended article in an issue that also has other articles. If it takes up an entire issue, the issue number is listed. If it is included in an issue with other articles, the monograph is referenced like any other article, except that the word "monograph" appears in brackets immediately after the title of the monograph.


Meehl, P. E. (1989). Toward an integrated theory of schizotaxia, schizotypy, and schizophrenia [monograph]. Journal of Personality Disorders, 4, 1-99.