Ninth Edition CoverGraziano & Raulin
Research Methods (9th edition)

Reference List
(Magazine, Newspaper,
and Newsletter Articles)

Although newspaper and popular magazine articles are not often referenced in a research paper, they are sometimes included. How such sources are referenced will depend partly on whether there is an identifiable author for the material. Newspaper articles, for example, are often written by anonymous staff writers.

Details of Format

When there is an identifiable author, the source is referenced by listing (1) the author(s), (2) the date of publication in parentheses, (3) the title of the article, and (4) the name of the magazine or newspaper and the page reference. The name of the magazine or newspaper should be italicized. 

The date of publication must be specified in sufficient detail to adequately pinpoint the source. For example, with a daily newspaper, the date must include the exact day, whereas with a monthly magazine, the date need only include the month and year. 

If there is no specified author for the article, the article title appears where the author would normally appear.


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