Ninth Edition CoverGraziano & Raulin
Research Methods (9th edition)

The Research Design Checklist

Listed below is the research design checklist. A tutorial on how to use this checklist is also included on this website. We have also included a pdf version of this checklist that is easier to print out.

I. Initial Problem Definition

1. Literature review completed?

2. Problem statement developed?

3. Variables identified and operationally defined?

II. Research Hypothesis

4. Research hypothesis clearly states expected relationship among the variables?

III. Statistical Analysis

5. Descriptive statistics planned?

6. Inferential statistics planned?

7. Post hoc or secondary analyses planned?

IV. Theoretical Basis

8. Theoretical base for study clear?

9. Do hypotheses and procedures address the issues?

V. Independent Variable Manipulation (experimental research)

10. Independent variable manipulations planned?

11. Manipulations pretested?

12. Manipulation check planned?

VI. Dependent Measures

13. Dependent measures operationally defined?

14. Dependent measures piloted?

15. Reliability and validity data available?

16. Did you include procedures to measure reliability?

VII. Controls

17. Controls for threats to internal validity in place?

18. Controls for threats to external validity in place?

VIII. Participants

A. Participant Selection

19. Sample adequately represent target population?

20. Demographic variables measured?

B. Sample Size

21. Sample sufficiently large?

C. Participant Assignment

22. Participants properly assigned to conditions (experimental research)?

23. Groups carefully defined (differential research)?

24. Information on the matching preserved for analysis (matched-subjects design)?

D. Participant Availability

25. Participants available?

26. Participants scheduled?

27. Participant-fee procedures ready?

E. Research Ethics

28. IRB approval obtained (human research)?

29. Informed consent forms available (human research)?

30. Debriefing and/or feedback procedures ready (human research)?

31. Ethical guidelines checked and research approved (animal research)?

IX. Preparation of the Setting

A. Space and Equipment

32. Adequate space available?

33. Free of distractions?

34. Equipment checked?

B. Personnel

35. Sufficient research staff?

36. Assistants adequately trained for emergencies?

37. Assistants adequately trained in procedures?

38. Blind procedures in place?

X. Adequacy of Participant Preparation, Instruction, Procedures

39. Instructions to participants clear?

40. Instructions and procedures piloted?

If all check out, then you are ready to "fly."