Ninth Edition CoverGraziano & Raulin
Research Methods (9th edition)

Practice Exercises using
SPSS for Windows

Listed below are brief descriptions of several hypothetical data sets. For each of these data sets, we have set up a dozen or more statistical analyses. Some of the analyses are clearly specified. Other analyses will require decisions about the appropriate way to test the hypothesis. 

We encourage students to also develop and test their own hypotheses with these data as a way of becoming more familiar with the process of data analysis using SPSS for Windows. Click on the heading for the data set to get a full description of the data and the questions to be evaluated with statistical analyses.

The data sets are labeled pract1.sav, pract2.sav, and pract3.sav. You can access them by clicking on the data set numbers below or going to the section that stores all the data sets elsewhere on this website..

  • Data Set #1

    This data set is from a hypothetical study of the impact of negotiation style on the success of the negotiation process.

  • Data Set #2

    This data set is from a hypothetical survey of 30 randomly selected participants. In addition to the routine demographic information, each participant was asked several questions to determine their knowledge of financial topics and their attitudes regarding specific issues.

  • Data Set #3

    This data set is from a factorial study of the impact of distraction and the type of interaction on ratings of social characteristics of partners in a research task.