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Research Methods (9th edition)

Resources for Chapter 2

02:01 Inductive-Deductive Logic

This unit provides several examples of the interplay between inductive and deductive logic in our everyday lives.

02:02 The Importance of Theory in Science

This unit provides a valuable object lesson on the importance of theory, which is written as a fable.

02:03 Phases of Research Examples

This unit provides several hypothetical examples of research, where each phase is delineated.

02:04 Library Tutorial

This unit provides instruction on how to find research in the library, with special emphasis on using computerized databases. 

02:05 APA Publication Style Tutorial 

This unit provides a primer on APA Style.

02:06 APA Publication Style Manual  

This unit provides an extensive reference of the technical details of APA style.

02:07 Study Guide/Lab Manual  

02:08 Related Internet Sites


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