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Research Methods (9th edition)

Resources for Chapter 10

10:01 Examples of Studies Using Independent-Groups Designs

This unit includes several examples of studies using the basic independent-groups design drawn from the research literature.

10:02 Statistical Analyses of Independent-Groups Designs

This unit includes examples of statistical analyses using SPSS for Windows on single-factor, independent-groups designs, complete with exercises to practice these skills.

10:03 Manual Computations of ANOVA 

This unit shows how to do the basic computation of a Simple One-Way ANOVA.

10:04 Post Hoc Tests and Planned Comparisons

This unit describes the logic and procedures for conducting planned comparisons and post hoc tests.

10:05 Standard Error of the Mean

This unit describes what the standard error of the mean represents and how it is computed.

10:06 Study Guide/Lab Manual

10:07 Related Internet Sites


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