Ninth Edition CoverGraziano & Raulin
Research Methods (9th edition)

Glossary Items Starting with "H"

health psychology
A relatively new applied discipline in psychology that focuses on understanding and modifying behavior that affects one's physical health.

A group is said to be heterogeneous if there is considerable variability within the group.

heuristic influence
The nonsystematic impact of research or theory in stimulating new research.

A bar graph in which the frequency of any given score or the mean for any given group is represented by the height of the bar. Histograms allow you to see the shape of a distribution or compare the performance of participants tested under various conditions.

Potential confounding variable. History represents any change in the dependent variable over the course of a research study that is a function of events other than the manipulation of the independent variable.

See homogeneous.

A population is said to be homogeneous if the participants in the population are similar to one another.

humanistic psychology
A philosophical perspective that emphasizes subjective experience and the distinctively human qualities of choice and self-realization.

A link between web documents, which allows one to transfer to the linked document with a single click.