Ninth Edition CoverGraziano & Raulin
Research Methods (9th edition)

Reference List
(Unpublished Sources)

Although most material referenced in a paper will be published, occasionally material not yet published or presented at a conference is referenced. This may include unpublished master's theses or dissertations, unpublished manuscripts or raw data, or manuscripts in preparation, under review for publication, or in press (accepted for publication, but not yet in print).

Details of Format

Unpublished material is referenced by listing (1) the author(s), (2) the date the manuscript was written, (3) the title of the manuscript, which should be italicized, and (4) a notation that the manuscript is unpublished, in preparation, or under review for publication. If there is no manuscript (e.g., raw data), then a description of the data in brackets replaces the title of the manuscript and the notation "unpublished raw data" is added at the end.


Lowrie, G. S., & Raulin, M. L. (1998). Testing the Construct Validity of Meehl's Taxonic Model of Schizotypy: Taxometric Search Techniques Applied to Self-Report Measures of Schizotypic Signs. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Brenner, V. (1994). A connectionist model of ambivalence. Unpublished manuscript.

Thomas, S. (1998). [Magical thinking data on patients with OCD]. Unpublished raw data.