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Welcome to the Textbook Website to the the Ninth Edition of the Graziano and Raulin Research Methods textbook. This website takes students well beyond the passive learning that comes from reading, to an active processing of the material that will enhance learning and the enjoyment of learning. 

The menu bar on the top of the screen is the primary navigation tool for the website. There are so many resources on the website that we have grouped them into broad categories as described below. Note that many of the resources on the website can be accessed in more than one way. To learn more about each of these resources, let the curser hover over the link. To see the resource, click on the link or use the navigation bar above to visit the resource.

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We hope that this website will enhance your learning and supplement the content of the text. Take a few minutes and look around. You probably will not use everything on this website, but we think you will find several items that will work for you.

We welcome feedback from both students and instructors on the text and the website. To simplify this process, we have included an online survey. You are also welcome to contact the authors directly via email.

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