Ninth Edition CoverGraziano & Raulin
Research Methods (9th edition)

Sections of a Research Report

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  • Title Page

    The first page of any research manuscript is the title page.
  • Abstract

    The abstract summarizes the main elements of the research study.
  • Introduction

    The introduction outlines the research problem and the relevant previous research on that problem.
  • Method

    The method section gives the details of the research procedures.
  • Results

    The results section presents the findings and statistical analyses.
  • Discussion

    The discussion section interprets and evaluates the results of the study in the context of previous studies and existing theories.
  • References

    The reference section lists the information on each article, chapter, book, etc. that was cited in your report.
  • Other Components

    A given research report may include other elements, such as footnotes or appendices.