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Research Methods (9th edition)

Basic Inferential Statistics

A small number of statistical procedures are sufficient to test most of the research hypotheses that you might encounter. This section will cover these basic procedures, which share in common the fact that they compare the means of distributions. 

These are by no means the only inferential statistics that are available to researchers, but they are by far the most widely used. You can go directly to one of these procedures by clicking on the name of the test in the Table of Contents below. However, if you are new to the logic of statistical analyses, we recommend that you cover these procedures in the order that they appear. The reason is that each procedure introduces a different aspect of the logic of inferential statistics.

t-test for a Single Group
t-test for Two Independent Groups
t-test for Two Correlated Groups
One-Way Analysis of Variance
Planned Comparisons and Post Hoc Tests
Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance
Two-Way Analysis of Variance
Chi Square Tests


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